A Line in the Sand

Donors for Adina Taubman's fundraising campaign to help bring A Line in the Sand to five public high schools in New York City during the 2017-18 school year:

Sarah Bardin
Deirdre Bergson
Susan Bernfield
Denise Bongiovanni
Glory Bowen
Barbara Brookes
Kim Bull
Christina Capozzi
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Capozzi
Joy Carlin
Nancy Carlin
Denise Capozzi
Marieken Cochius
Marie Delus
Marcy Dermanksy
Julie Dermansky
Ann Dermansky
Michael Dermansky
Christine Donnelly
James Dougherty
Will Erickson
Dylan Ezzie
Lisa Fernandez
Joanna Gardner
Marty Gargle
Emily Gatewood
Mary Francina Golden
Laura Graybill
Grace Hannoy
Cynthia S. Hanson
Michael Hoffman
Katie Honaker
Penny Jackson
Michael Jacobs
David Kaplan
Lee Kaplan
Betsy Capes Kaplan
Cindy Keiter
Ariela Kohen
Gabriela Kohen
Padraic Lillis
Carolyn Luciano
Margaret Landry Navarro
Jenny Maguire
L.J. Mitchell
Elena Miteva
Genevieve Mahmud
Tory Masters
Margaret Landry Navarro
Betsy Naylor
Anamara Ritt-Olson
Maria Parnell
Mark Palermo
Jennifer Piech Pasbjerg
Andy Pelosi
Jolie Smith Proimos
Diane Putnam
Hope Salas
Ragnar Von Schiber
Sonia Von Schiber
Shawn Shafner
Karen Sklaire
Suzanne Slesin
Cindy Snell
Randi Stone
Kristine Sui
Christine Syron
Fran Tarr
Deborah Taubman
Rosalie Taubman
Eleanor Taylor
Maryjo Tisor
Vilma Torres
Oliver Trager
Lea Umberger
Gary Widlund
Mollie Collison Wise
Victoria Zhang

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity.

If you'd like to donate, please send a check made out to Chrysalis Theatre Company.

Mail the check to:



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